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Default Re: Palimplists 2011

The Inferno”, by Dante Alighieri (a month-long re-reading of a classic in various translations)
Mefisto (1986), by John Banville
Reading Rilke (1999), by William H. Gass
The Duino Elegies/ Die Duino Elegien by R.M Rilke
The Quiet American (1955), by Graham Greene (re-read)
W. H. Auden (1982): A Biography, by Humphrey Carpenter
The Redress of Poetry: Oxford Lectures (1995), by Seamus Heaney
Blood Meridian (1985), by Cormac McCarthy
Underworld (1985), by Don DeLillo
Reading Modern Poetry (1989), by Michael Schmidt
Waterland (1983), by Graham Swift

The Iliad”, by William Fagles (A month-long perusal of a classic in a new translation)
The Sea (2005), by John Banville
The Trilogy (Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable), by Samuel Beckett
Freedom (2010), by Jonathan Franzen (postponed ‘onacounta’)
The Breaking of Style (1995), by Helen Vendler
After Rain: Short Stories (1996), by William Trevor
“Franz Kafka” (1966), by Walter Skokel, (An interpretive essay in the Columbia U. series)
Death in Summer (1997+1), by William Trevor
Nocturnes: Stories of Music and Night (2009), by Kazuo Ishiguro
The Oxford Book of English Short Stories (1997+1), edited by A S. Byatt

The Oxford Book of English Short Stories (1997+1), selected and edited by A S. Byatt (partial)
Death in Summer (1997+1), by William Trevor
No Great Mischief (2001), by Alistair MacLeod
Port Mungo (2005), by Patrick McGrath
Embers (1942, 2001), by Sandor Marai

"The Odyssey",
a new translation by William Fagles
The Archivist (1997+1), by Martha Cooley
On Deconstruction (1982), by Jonathan Culler
**Wo Warst Du, Adam (1963), by Heinrich Bøll
The Bird Artist (1994), by Howard Norman
The Easter Parade (1976), by Richard Yates (recommended by KFC)
Stories (Vintage Classics, 1991), by Katherine Mansfield
The Tanners (New Directions, 2009), by Robert Walser (Trans. by Susan Bernofsky)

Virgil's "Aeneid", John Dryden's verse translation from 1697
Pfitz (1995), by Andrew Crumey
**Tristram Shandy (1760-64), by Lawrence Sterne
A Fearful Joy (1949), by Joyce Cary

The Art of Fiction (1959), by Ayn Rand
The Assault (1982), by Harry Mulisch (translation copyright, 1985)
Strange Pilgrims (1992), by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Stories, trans. copyright, 1993)
The End of the Poem (2006), by Paul Muldoon, essays in the Oxford Lecture Series on Poetry Varieties of Interpretation (1983), by Joseph Anthony Mazzeo

My Ántonia (1917+), by Willa Cather
The Death of Virgil (1945), by Hermann Broch
The Theory of Fiction: Henry James, edited by James E. Miller, Jr. (1972)
The Discarded Image (1964), by C.S. Lewis
The Rules of Chaos (1969), by Stephen Vizinczey
**Everything That Rises Must Converge (1963), posth. published stories by Flannery O'Connor

The Social Misconstruction of Reality (1992), by Richard F. Hamilton
Pale Fire (962), by Vladimir Nabokov
Philosophy, Psychiatry and Neuroscience: Three Approaches to the Mind (1989), by Edward M. Hundert
The Master (2004), by Colm Toibin
Dark Conceit: The Making of Allegory (1976), by Edwin Honig

The Philosophy of Hegel (1923), by W. T. Stace
The Transcendence of the Ego (1936), by Jean Paul Sartre
Phenomenology: Its Genesis and Prospect (1957+1), by Quentin Lauer
The First Person (1981), by Roderick Chisholm
Orlando (1927+1), by Virginia Woolf
**The Odes of John Keats (1983), by Helen Vendler
**Snow (2004), by Orhan Pamuk

**Indicates works in progress

Seminal Influences: These are works, which, for a variety of reasons—some not at all clear—have had a lasting and deep resonance in my heart and mind since I first encountered them. I present them here in no particular order of importance or chronology, since that type of classification would presume an understanding of their importance for me, which is often lacking. Or, in the words of a song, “I don’t know why, I just do!”

The Tower and the Abyss (1976), by Erich Kahler
The Horse’s Mouth (1944), by Joyce Cary
“Araby”, and "The Dead", from Dubliners (1904), by James Joyce
A Preface to "Paradise Lost" (1942), by C. S. Lewis“
The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony
(1993), by Roberto Calasso
The Unquiet Grave (1942), by Cyril Connolly
Der Schandfleck (re-released 1963), by Ludwig Anzengruber
A River Runs Through It, (1976), by Norman Maclean
Der Tod in Venedig (1954), by Thomas Mann
The ABC of Reading, by Ezra Pound
"Peer Gynt" (1867), by Henrik Ibsen
The Rules of Chaos (1969), by Stephen Vizinczey
"Anyone can run to excesses,
It is easy to shoot past the mark,
It is hard to stand firm in the middle." (E. Pound) | My Palimplist| Blog

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